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      Special Advisory

      Open 9am-5pm daily. Tickets can be purchased at our admissions gate. To learn more about our COVID-19 policies, click here?


      Bridging You Safely Back to Nature
      ~Open Daily~

      9AM - 5PM




      11°C / 51°F

      Take a walk on the wild side

      ไลน์ scg9

      View Attractions

      • Suspension Bridge

        Follow in the footsteps of the millions of visitors who have crossed Capilano Suspension Bridge since 1889.

        Learn More

      • Cliffwalk

        The park’s newest attraction – a cantilevered walkway clinging to the granite cliff high above Capilano Canyon.

        Learn More

      • Treetops Adventure

        Get a squirrel’s eye view of a thriving coastal rainforest from viewing platforms and 7 suspension bridges.

        Learn More

      • Canyon Lights

        Glittering lights, towering heights and festive nights – Canyon Lights returns November 2021.

        Learn More

      • Story Centre

        Photomurals, artifacts and antiques together with “voices from the past” chronicle the early history of the Bridge.

        Learn More

      • Kia’Palano

        Get a glimpse into the lives of BC’s Indigenous people and the connection between their culture and the natural world.
        Learn More

      Latest News

      Check out our blog for all the latest news and upcoming events at the park

      Read Blog

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